Job Placement


Cameron College works closely with their graduates and potential graduates to assist them in finding employment in their individual fields of study.  The Job Placement department assists students in writing resumes, teaches them how to conduct themselves on the phone with potential employers, and how to successfully complete job interviews.


This process assists students and past graduates in securing careers in their respective fields.  The hands-on approach to teaching students how to secure employment makes students and past graduates feel more at ease in the job location process.


The Job Placement office also provides extern sites for potential graduates so that they may work in the field.  The externs work in a medical facility or a business that provides them with hands-on experience in their course of study.


The Job Placement office continuously works with potential employers to secure externship sites for the students.  This networking also provides students and past graduates with potential employers.  This networking is vital to the placement of students and to ensure that externship sites are up-to-date and meets the needs of the potential graduates.


Our Job Placement department works hard to provide students, potential graduates, and past graduates with current employers.  Cameron College is committed to job placement and successful externship sites for our students.

Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Located on the 2nd floor


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